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I made this because I could, and for sheer fun. Hope you enjoy running around in a small box spamming buttons listening to Resonance. Disclaimer: Soul Eater Simulator 2 is in development, so there will be no further updates for this game.

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Feb 18,  · Soul Eater is set at Death Weapon Meister Academy located in the fictional Death City in Nevada, United States. The school is run by Shinigami, also known as Death, as a training facility for humans with the ability to transform into weapons, as well 86%(8).

Ayashi no Ceres Suzumi gets put under one that mentally returns her to a happier time, when her husband was still alive and the two were excitedly awaiting their first child. While the machine is destroyed, she willingly remains behind because she is happy. It isn’t until Yuuhi forces her to remember that Kazuma is dead that she gets shaken out of her stupor, also remembering how she chose to continue to live to take care of her brother-in-law. Aya gets put into one before a microchip is supposed to be implanted into her brain, which would make her more compliant to Kagami ‘s plan, and appease the Ancestor.

Touya saves her before the microchip is installed and Alec helps the two escape, stating that Aya should awaken within a few hours. If she doesn’t, she will remain trapped inside her nightmares. Said nightmares involve her reliving the moment of Touya regaining his memories and forgetting about her, but Ceres manages to break through to her. She tells Aya to wake up, since the real Touya has been calling out to her for some time.

Aya manages to wake up and the two are finally reunited. In the penultimate episode of Digimon Adventure 02 , MaloMyotismon , the Big Bad , uses an illusion mist attack that places the Chosen Children in worlds where their greatest dreams came true: TK sees his family together and happy, Kari is in a world where humans and Digimon coexist happily, Cody is reunited with his deceased father, and Yolei is an only child with all the perks including a large number of sweets.

On the flip side, Ken, who suffers from insane guilt for his actions as the Digimon Emperor, sees his Emperor self being tortured by the Digimon he abused.

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Soul Eater Girls Dress Up: back to Home / Anime / Soul Eater /: By snowdrak. Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Maker: Soul Eater Soul Evans Dance Animation.

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List last updated March 04, As the PlayStation Vita approaches its third anniversary, it’s time once again for IGN to look back on some of the best video game experiences the handheld had to offer. This year, your selection committee is: Our criteria is as follows: The primary question this top 25 list is intended to answer is simple:

Apr 09,  · I was bored so I did this. Enjoy!

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Windows This is Dragonball Online, the MMORPG based on the hit manga which sold millions of copies around the world, and considered to be the work which opened up Japanese manga to the world. The storyline in the game, however, differs that of the manga. It is now years after the last events which took place, and the 3 races, Human, Namekian and Majin have since lived peacefully together as a community.

Anime Girls Games: Contact Bookmark This Page. Maka & Soul: back to Home / Anime / Soul Eater / By MirukuTea. Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Maker: Soul Eater .

Created by Korean indie developer DeerFarm, Shikhondo – Soul Eater features hypnotic barrage patterns, enemies inspired by Asian mythology, and some truly beautiful artwork as seen in the trailer above. Console versions of the game will introduce an all-new two-player local co-op mode, making this the first time players will be able to take on Shikhondo with a friend. Arcade, Hardcore, Boss Rush and Local Co-op – Fly close to enemy bullets to fill the Soul Gauge and unleash a super attack for high scores – Two playable characters, each with their own types of attack – Online leaderboards for high score glory – Demonic enemies and bosses inspired by Asian mythology – Stunning and intricate Oriental artwork Two physical editions have also been announced – one standard, and one limited.

Both the limited and standard physical editions will see just 2, copies be sold, and are both available to pre-order from Play-Asia. The release date for these is still to be confirmed. Will you be jumping into the bullet-hell action on Switch next week? Or will you wait to grab a physical copy? Let us know below.

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