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That was the lifestyle since day one. A lot of my family members fell victim. A lot of people are in prison, incarcerated for life. A lot of people are in the grave, because of this small city, this boiling pot of colors really just took over. Crips, Bloods, and everything in between inform his first major label album, good kid, m. But his is a new kind of Compton tale, one about dodging all of the bullets and gang pressure and using creativity as both a shield and a weapon. Much of good kid sounds familiar to fans of leaned-back, West Coast gangsta rap, but beneath the swagged-out surface is a sober, rebelliously introspective declaration of independence. Both of his parents kept a close eye on him. His father gave him a thorough education in West Coast hip-hop. And one sunny L.

Genius Level Kendrick Lamar (Good Kid Mad City- An Album about The Streets, Gangs and Finding God)

You know, the thing your irritating co-worker just emailed you a reminder about. The thing with all the upsets and buzzer beaters and college kids crying. All of it — the upsets, the buzzer beaters, even the irritating co-workers and the college kids crying. Nothing can take my focus away from college hoops this time of the year.

Moore Hip hop has always had a dodgy relationship with California. Though the genre was created in New York, its most lasting by-product, gangsta rap, was created out West. His album, Section. Before then, the young artist had released a series of mixtapes, which helped him generate a significant buzz for his abilities as a storyteller and technical lyricist.

Surely, Lamar is a proud California native, but this major label debut harbours more Southern ethos than West Coast gloss. It takes a few playbacks to fully absorb its intensity. Lamar layers it with diverse flows that provide insight into his textured childhood. He reaches beyond his home state for a broader sound, and the results are remarkable.

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There’s the homeys O-Boog and Lucky and of course Sherane, the temptress-turned-antagonist in K-Dot’s coming-of-age story. So how do the Compton MC’s real-life friends feel about their lyrical depictions? Well, Sherane not her real name , for one, loves it. It’s all love though. I ain’t got no ill will.

Tweet on Twitter Kendrick Lamar is a Compton rapper and songwriter who got popular in His song Overly Dedicated got him introduced to the public, and he would go on to release an independent studio album next year. The same year, Eminem featured Lamar in one of his songs from his new album. Last year, Kendrick published another album, DAMN, that would follow the success of the previous ones. His works usually include a mixture of genres and styles, for example, his 3rd album had a mix of funk, jazz, soul and spoken word poetry in it.

Lamar is currently considered to be one of the best rappers of this generation, and deservedly so. Having accomplished so much in his short 8-year career, we are sure that Lamar will go down in history as one of the greatest ever.

Kendrick Lamar- Sherane AKA M.S Daughter (Instrumental)

If I can watch, I might, but the energy will largely be gone from watching with a room full of people who feel like yelling at the screen when Kelly Clarkson inevitably wins Song of the Year. But the Grammys convinced me that it was worth releasing my extremely late pop music write-up. Quite a bit, it turns out. This is kind of crazy. But, first, a quick look back at

Share To hear the rap community and gatekeepers tell it, Kendrick Lamar is sitting on two contemporary classics. Those same pundits and fans are already hailing that project as the front-runner for album of the year. There’s no debating the fact that Kenny has quite the discography for a twentysomething. In fact, it’s so strong it makes ranking his projects even harder than it would be for an equally great artist whose career has more obvious peaks and valleys.

City is against the less replayable but deliciously complex To Pimp a Butterfly? Is it disrespectful to those two moments to call Damn better while we’re still processing it?

Whitney Alford: 3 Facts to Know about Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancée

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Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m. While the divorce rate is steadily on the rise, Lamar was privileged to have grown up with both a mother and a father in his household. Living in the rough, gang-ridden city of Compton, he chose not to be involved in gangs — a choice that usually leaves one dead. And in a rap game where real emcees find it hard to sell, the powerful lyricist steadfastly wins over the hearts of rap fans.

Whereas other rappers falter when converting to major label companies, Dr. Dre gave Lamar the green light to keep doing what he knows how to do best; last year with the help of two other West Coast legends, Snoop Dogg and The Game, Dr. Dre passed the torch to Lamar naming him the heir to the throne of West Coast rap. On GKMC, Lamar’s vernacular remains rich with swagger and his unordinary yet on point internal rhymes maintain to freely roll off his tongue.

With some of the games best producers providing beats that fit in a cohesive manner, Lamar is able to paint a vivid story of a good kid in a dangerous city.

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Maybe my actions will end up wifin’ her Love or lust, regardless we’ll fuck, ’cause the trife in us It’s deep-rooted, the music of bein’ young and dumb Is never muted; in fact, it’s much louder where I’m from We know a lot ’bout each other, her mother was a crack addict She live with her granny and her younger two brothers Her favorite cousin Demetrius’s irrepetible Family history of gang bangin’ did make me skeptical But not enough to stop me from gettin’ a nut I wanna come over, what’s up?

I’m sittin’ here waitin’ on my van You told me you was gon’ be back in fiffteen minutes! I gotta go to the county buildin, man These kids ready to eat! Yo’ daddy hollerin’ about some damn dominoes He want to holler at you too Go ‘head, Kenny, go!

I was hoping that such conversations would dissipate. I am a Caribbean-American woman of a lighter complexion. As a child, I hated my skin. I grew to resent being light-skinned due to the automatic assumption that came with it: I was stuck up and had a sense of entitlement. Dating black men of a darker complexion was sometimes complicated for me. Some women would say that the only reason certain men were interested in me was because my skin is bright.

Sadly, some preferences are often created by social constructs.

Sherane aka Master Splinter’s Daughter

Music, politics, religion, culture. I own a Richard Nixon bobblehead. The proud Compton native took a risk tampering with matters of religion and it paid off handsomely. He sought first the kingdom of God on good kid, m.

Facts and Life Hacks , Entertainment Kendrick Lamar is one of the popular rappers whose songs are just great to listen to. He started his career when he was just a teenager and from there on he never looked back. Apart from his music, he also has numerous quotes which will inspire you as well as let you know about the rap cultures, gang violence and other things. This article brings you some of Kendrick Lamar quotes which you will love to read.

So spend some minutes and go through this article to know more. Kendrick Lamar net worth Forbes Kendrick Lamar quotes Kendrick Lamar is famous for his creative raps and deep lyrics. There are so many mainstream rappers in America who rap about fame, money and women, K. Here are some Kendrick Lamar quotes from songs, we tried to explain the quotes and provided the song from where it is taken from. If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it? The song is from his popular album Good Kid , m.

In an interview with Complex Magazine he explained the meaning of the whole song. If you like to know the whole story then you need to listen to the whole album and you can get the outlook of it. As he mentioned the name Sherane, he dedicated this song to her and most probably Kendrick comparing her with a flower here according to Genius annotations.

The Kendrick Lamar Bracket: A Slow Drive To Insanity

However, Noriega understands that media companies expect artists to follow a formula to create media for mass audiences Noriega At one level, GKMC is a day in the life of the ghetto. Lamar balances telling a story of his childhood while at the same time analyzing the structural forces at play that have created the harsh conditions of his early life. This ability to balance a weighty narrative with commercial appeal puts GKMC into a lofty realm that very few rap albums have reached.

Report Story Sherane POV I’ve been meaning all night to get some alone time with Kendrick, and now that his sorry girlfriend of his is out of sight, I can finally do just that. Truth is – I can’t get Kendrick off of my mind, and I know he feels the same. He’s just using that sorry ass example of a girlfriend as a cover up. I see the way he looks at me and my body when ever I’m in sight. Jordin had nothing on me, and he knew it.

I know I messed up by setting him up with Demetrius, but it was only because D is my cousin. Family always comes first! But now that he’s thrown in jail – I have more time to focus on me and Kendrick. Although Kendrick technically is the one who got Demetrius thrown in jail, I forgive him, and I know deep down inside, he forgives me for what I did too. The last time I saw him he was over there on the couch with Jordin,” Soul yelled over the loud music as he readjusted the sunglasses that sat loosely on his nose.

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ Leak: SPIN’s Impulsive Review

Most troubling was the finding that the prevalence of binge drinking among older women is increasing dramatically, far faster than it is among older men, the researchers noted. The difference was striking: Among men, the average prevalence of binge drinking remained stable from to , while it increased an average of nearly 4 percent per year among women, the researchers found.

Dot has known Sherane for a number of months by this point. He met her at a party where they flirted and exchanged numbers. At the end of this song K. But when he turns up Sherane is outside waiting with two dudes in black hoodies possibly her two younger brothers, or her cousins, one of which could be Demetrius. We learn from his Mother that K. Dot said he was borrowing her van for just 15 minutes. Backseat Freestyle The most self-explantory song on the album. Dot cruising around town with his homies, getting high and dropping freestyles in the backseat.

This is a life is good moment, living free, no troubles. The calm before the storm. The Art of Peer Pressure The narrative begins to build.

Tha Bizness: Making Kendrick Lamar’s “Sherane” with MASCHINE

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